Gamer of the Week

Female Gamer of the Week: Z.Z. Russell
By Anna Davis, ATC, Administrator of Fitness Operations

Teays Physical Therapy Center, Inc. & The Putnam Herald are pleased to present this week’s Female Gamer of the Week award to Z.Z. Russell of Winfield High School.
Daughter of Curtis and Myra Russell, Z.Z Russell is a standout on Winfield High Schools girls’ basketball team. Only a sophomore, Z.Z. earned first team All-State as a freshman and is currently averaging 21 points per game. “I love the competition,” said Z.Z. “It’s the adrenaline when you are in the lead, and playing with my team, there isn’t anything better.” Z.Z. currently holds a 3.8 GPA and has aspirations to continue her basketball career in college, while studying to become a pediatrician.

Z.Z. began her basketball career at a young age, working on and perfecting her skills. Currently Z.Z. plays point guard for the Winfield Generals. In this position Z.Z. is responsible for directing her teammates on the court, keeping them calm, and helping to set up the play. This past weekend the Lady Generals played Lincoln County, winning with a final score of 52-44. “The whole team did well, we pushed each other and we were able to come out on top.” “Z.Z. has great basketball talent,” said Coach Jimmy McPherson. “She leads by example and has played exceptionally well.” This week the Lady Generals will face their county rival, Hurricane High School. “We just need to play as a team and focus,” said Z.Z., “We will do just fine.”

When Z.Z. was asked who inspires her she stated, “There are so many people that I have looked up to over the years, God has truly blessed me with the people in my life.” As for her aspirations Z.Z. would love to see her team compete and win the state title. In recent history Winfield has not won a Girls state basketball title. “It would be a dream come true,” stated Z.Z. Outside of basketball Z.Z. focus’ on her school work and working on her basketball game. “Nobody should expect more of you than you expect of yourself,” once stated by NBA star Carmelo Anthony. Z.Z. sets goals for herself and works constantly to improve and strive to meet them. “She is dedicated to the game,” stated Coach Jimmy McPhearson, “I’m excited to see where she will be in the next couple of years.”

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