Gamer of the Week

Female Gamer of the Week: Aubrey Chandler
By Anna Davis, ATC, Administrator of Fitness Operations

Teays Physical Therapy Center, Inc. & The Putnam Herald are pleased to present this week’s Female Gamer of the Week award to Aubrey Chandler of Poca High School.
Daughter of Marshall and Becky Chandler, Aubrey Chandler is a senior on Poca High Schools girls’ basketball team. Carrying a 3.5 GPA, Aubrey has plans on continuing her education but not continuing her basketball career. “I would rather focus on my school work,” said Aubrey, “I want to make the most of this opportunity.” Outside of basketball, Aubrey enjoys spending time with her friends and family and focusing on her basketball game. “She is a very talented player,” said head coach Kenny Sayre. “She has really stepped up her game this season.”

Beginning her basketball career at a young age, Aubrey has always had a love for the game. “It’s like second nature to me, I couldn’t image not playing it (basketball),” stated Aubrey. This past week Aubrey hit the milestone that all players dream of reaching.  She scored her 1,000th point. “It was amazing!” stated Aubrey, “kind of surreal almost.” In the same game against Mingo Central, Aubrey also helped lead her team to victory. “I think the way that my teammates and I play together is a big part of our success. I grew up playing with most of these girls and we have really created a bond.”

Aubrey plays the position of point guard. In this position she is responsible for controlling the ball and making sure that it gets to the right player at the right time. In addition Aubrey stated, “I also shoot a lot of 3 point shots.” During the interview Aubrey stressed the importance of having a great team. “I just love playing with my teammates, I would do anything to not disappoint them.” “The girls really work well together, I am proud of how this season is going,” said Coach Sayre, “I would love to see them make it back to states.”

Poca High school girls’ basketball team made it to states back in 2016, but they were knocked out in the first round. “I would love to see us win it all,” said Aubrey. So far this season Poca is 6 and 5 and has a promising outlook on the rest of the season. “We just have to keep our heads up and keep pushing forward. I know that we can do this,” said Aubrey. Like NBA star Michael Jordan once said, “Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it or work around it.”

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