Gamer of the Week

Female Gamer of the Week: Holly Edwards
By Anna Davis, ATC, Administrator of Fitness Operations

Teays Physical Therapy Center, Inc. & The Putnam Herald are pleased to present this week’s Female Gamer of the Week award to Holly Edwards of Teays Valley Christian Academy.

Daughter of Grant and Marnie Edwards, Holly Edwards is a senior at Teays Valley Christian Academy, and is a member of the girls’ varsity basketball team. Holly carries a 4.13 GPA and is also involved with National Honor Society, HOPE medical program, and plays both volleyball and softball. “I love being involved, both with school and sports, I couldn’t imagine not doing it,” said Holly. After graduation Holly has big plans, “I have been appointed to both West Point and the Naval Academy.  If neither of those work out I plan on attending either Marshall or WVU and pursuing a degree in Chemistry.”

Holly has played basketball since third grade and has played for Teays Valley Christian Academy since fifth grade. This past week the Lady Lions took on Ohio Valley, coming out on top with a win. “We are an all new team, learning each other’s strengths and weaknesses has been a challenge but it has helped us for the better,” stated Holly. In addition to a new team, the Lady Lions also gained a new coach this year, Larry Ledbetter. “He is a great coach and has pushed us to be the best that we can.  I know for a fact that we wouldn’t be where we are without his guidance,” said Holly, “I am really thankful for how we have done this season.”

On the court Holly plays the position of point guard. “I am responsible for ball handling but I mostly shoot the ball.” With that said, Holly has surpassed a big milestone in school history. She has eclipsed the school’s scoring record, with currently 1,903 points. Holly is averaging 14 points per game and is just 96 points away from scoring 2,000 points in her career. “It feels pretty amazing to achieve such a high honor,” said Holly. “Most people strive to reach 1,000 points in their career, and I have the opportunity to double that.” “She is such a great player,” stated head coach Larry Ledbetter, “She is a team captain and she has done very well working with our international students. I am very proud to have had her ton my team.”

When Holly was asked what she loves most about basketball, she stated, “I love when we succeed as a team, when we have fun and we are all playing the best that we can.” As for the rest of the season Holly would love to see the team finish the season strong and play well in the two upcoming tournaments. When Holly was asked who inspires her most, she stated, “My dad, he is my biggest supporter and he gets really excited when I do well which motivates me to do the best that I can.”

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