Perseverance Award - Charlotte Karnes

Charlotte Karnes wins the Perseverance Award

By Marcus Reynolds PT, DPT, CSCS

Teays Physical Therapy Center, Inc. & the Putnam Herald are pleased to present this week’s Perseverance Award to Senior Charlotte Karnes of Winfield High School.
The Winfield Generals Girls Soccer team has won an unprecedented fifth straight state championship by beating Charleston Catholic 2-0 in the A/AA state championship in Beckley over the weekend. While many of the players won their first, second, or third state championship, one player in particular won her fourth. That player is senior Charlotte Karnes. While Karnes didn’t necessarily have a physical presence on the field, she did on the sideline and in the hearts of her teammates.

Once a key contributor to the Lady Generals during her previous seasons, Karnes showed great versatility as she played multiple positions. Late last season during a scrimmage game a week prior to their sectional tournament game in AAA competition, Karnes suffered a knee injury that resulted in a torn ACL and meniscus in her right knee. As many athletes come to find out, the surgery and rehabilitation would be a long and grueling process due to the severity of her injury. For Karnes her junior season was over, but she wasn’t about to let it ruin her senior year. Usually an injury late in the season like this means a tough road ahead to get ready in time for the next season. Karnes was up of for tough task ahead.

Karnes’s next step was an ACL reconstructive and repair of her meniscus. Dr. Lavender of CAMC Sports Orthopedics performed her surgery and soon after Charlotte started her rehabilitation at Teays Physical Therapy Center with PT Christin Knell and PTA Promise Sigman. Charlotte performed her physical therapy five days a week at one point. With the help of Dr. Lavender and TPTC’s staff, Karnes was able to get back to feeling like an athlete again. Karnes prepared for the preseason of her senior year with Potential Plus director Casey Fallon as her pushed her through many sessions of personal training to get her back up to speed with the game.

Her senior year began but she still found herself unable to perform up to the level she previously played just a season ago. After failing to initially meet the physical requirements to play for the team, Karnes didn’t lie down and quit she persevered. Karnes’s teammates and younger sister Isabella were able to push her to meet her coach’s physical demands and Karnes found herself back on the team. During the season, Karnes didn’t see much varsity level action like she did before, and she played on the JV team. Karnes quickly found how she could make an impact for her teammates as a source of undying support. Karnes selflessly accepted her new role for the betterment the team, but also Karnes became an inspiration for her team. That is true testament of a teammate and a real champion.

Karnes currently 3.59 GPA and is the daughter of Kevin and Louise Karnes. Charlotte is also apart of Beta Club and National Honor Society. She will attend West Virginia University and study Criminology in pursuit of attending Law School.

Marcus Reynolds PT, DPT, CSCS is a Doctor of Physical Therapy at the Teays Physical Therapy Center and assists with the Potential Plus Program.