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Male Gamer of the Week – Josh Humphries of St. Albans High School

Teays Physical Therapy Center, Inc. & The Putnam Herald are pleased to present this week’s Male Gamer of the Week award to Josh Humphries, Junior, St. Albans High School.

By Casey Fallon, Potential Plus Director

It doesn’t matter where he wrestles, he’s a proven winner. Josh Humphries started his high school career at Huntington High and won his first state championship as a freshman. As a sophomore, he won his second state championship however, this time it was for St. Albans. He is now seeking his third consecutive trophy and is off to an impressive start.

Josh has started the season twenty-five and one. The majority of his matches have been wrestled at duals rather than tournaments. His lone loss came from his first tournament in Pennsylvania.  The event in PA was a big deal for the Red Dragons of St. Albans. There were around fifty teams competing in this tournament, and Josh finished second.  The match Josh lost came to the sixth ranked wrestler in his weight class, which had to be settled in overtime.

There are many different types of wrestlers. There are defensive wrestlers and aggressive wrestlers just to name a few. Josh doesn’t feel he is tied to any one way of wrestling. He determines how he is going to wrestle during the match after assessing the opponent. He also gets a little help from his coach who will scout them. When I asked him if he scouted other wrestlers, Josh had this to say, “I typically allow my coach to scout the other wrestlers so I can stay focused and relaxed without psyching myself out. Right before a match I like to visualize what I am going to do, and visualize how I am going to win.” Whatever he is doing, it must be working.

Wrestling is a physically demanding sport which requires a lot of dedication. Wrestling is not like football and basketball, you have to be able to make weight to wrestle.  With teams such as St. Albans, you cannot skip into the next weight class because it is already filled with a teammate who is competing at a high level. According to Josh, making weight can be a challenge at times, but the majority of it is mental.  

For Josh wrestling is not a seasonal thing, it is a yearly sport. It is the only sport in which he participates. That allows him to focus 100 percent. So for Josh, the “offseason” consists of wrestling and lifting weights with some of his buddies at the local gym. Coach Darren Garengilfilen had this to say about Josh’s dedication to the sport, “Josh has always been one of the hardest working kids in the mat room even at the age of six! He seems to find a way to elevate the work mentality of his teammates.”

As for school, Josh is doing exceptionally well. He has a 4.6 GPA. Although it is only his junior year, Josh has been looking at NC State and the University of Virginia for wrestling. Josh thanks his mother and father, Greg and Tricia Humphries for their support.

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