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Male Gamer of the Week – Cole Newman of Hurricane High School

Male Gamer of the Week – Cole Newman of Hurricane High School

Teays Physical Therapy Center, Inc. & The Putnam Herald are pleased to present this week’s Male Gamer of the Week award to Cole Newman, Junior, Hurricane High School.

By Casey Fallon, Potential Plus Director

The season did not start as Cole Newman would have projected for his junior swim season, but he also knew it was a long season with plenty of time to improve. Cole is a junior at Hurricane High and competes in Lacrosse and swimming. Currently, Cole is headed to the state swim meet after placing 3rd in a individual meet, 2nd in two relays, and 1st in another at regionals this past week. All four finishes qualified him to swim in the WV state swim meet this year.

Coach Scott Ellis had this to say about Cole, “Cole is a great leader by example. He sets the tone by his work ethic in practice, which then leads to results.” As mentioned before, Cole’s expectations were high coming into the season and were not being met in the beginning. However, his times started slowly to increase to the point where he is now. What was the difference maker? Cole had this to say, “Simply put, I started to go to more practices. At first, I was going to one practice a week, and I decided to start going to three or four practices per week.” Preparing for events can be stressful, but Cole doesn’t allow the stress to affect his mindset. To stay calm and relaxed, he often listens to music and can be found cheering on his fellow teammates during their meets. He also leans on his coaches to help prepare him for each swim meet. He trusts that they will help prepare him to the fullest extent and make sure that he is in top shape to compete.

Cole may only be a junior, but his is looking ahead to the future. Cole has multiple colleges that he is looking to attend, but the University of Tennessee is at the top of his list. During the winter months, he can be found sporting a UT toboggan. While attending college, he wants to be a part of the ROTC program. His mother, Jill, was a colonel in the Army and has helped shape and influence his work ethic. Both his mother and his father, Brett, are two people that Cole looks up to through his daily life.

Cole also understands that being successful incorporates more than just going to practice. Cole also talked about the weight and performance training that he utilizes as well. During the season and off season, he is a regular at Potential Plus. He also works out on his own. Being a two sport athlete, Cole understands the benefits of constantly staying in peak condition.
Cole is an outstanding student and citizen as well. He currently is holding a 4.0 GPA this semester and a 3.9 overall. He also is a part of the National Honor Society, and can be found helping the community with blood drives and other volunteer activities.

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