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Male Gamer of the Week – Michael Milam of St. Albans High School

Male Gamer of the Week – Michael Milam of St. Albans High School

Teays Physical Therapy Center, Inc. & The Putnam Herald are pleased to present this week’s Male Gamer of the Week award to Michael Milam, Senior, St. Albans High School.

By Micaiah Branch, Assistant Potential Plus Director

Wrestling is arguably the most difficult sport high schools have to offer.  It is a one on one battle between yourself and your opponent, and if you lose you cannot point the finger at another teammate.  It also incorporates discipline in ways that other sports do not require.  An example would be maintaining body weight and composition.  Heading into the new wrestling season, Michael explained that he weighed 189.  Now, he is wrestling in the 160 weight division.  This type of discipline is rare among high school students.  However, he has stayed the course and is now competing for a chance at a state title.

Michael Milam knows what it is like to win, and although it is not frequent, he has tasted what it is like to lose.  He has an outstanding forty and three record this season as he heads into the state wrestling tournament.  When you’re this dominant, understanding what it is like to be on the opposite side of the fence helps fuel the desire to keep winning.  Right now, Michael is one of the top sixteen wrestling in AAA heading into this weekend.  His goal is to be number one.

Wrestling is the only sport that Michael plays.  This means for him, wrestling is a year round sport. During the off season, he is putting in the extra work that separates the average wrestlers from the best of the wrestlers.  He lifts weights during the off season, and tries to keep his body in competitive shape.

During the season, Michael works just as hard.  St. Albans has a well-rounded wrestling team, which can make practice very competitive.  “During practice Josh Humphries and I are always trying to push each other to get better.  When he scores against me, I try to get it back.”  A real competitor knows how to use this iron sharpening mentality during difficult matches.  Being able to experience more difficult competition in practices has propelled Michael and eight of his teammates to the state tournament.

Work ethic is paramount at St Albans. Practice typically runs a couple hours, and consists of technique training, as well as sparring with other wrestlers.  This is when Michael and the rest of the team get to push each other to new limits.  As a senior, Michael is developing new roles on the team that go beyond his own improvement.  Coach Grep Humphries had this to say about Michael, “Michael is a hard worker in the wrestling room, and is willing to help when he is asked.  He’s a great kid, we are lucky to have him on the team.”

Michael is a senior, which means he is looking towards the future.  Currently, he has a 3.2 GPA and considering a few colleges.  He’s not positive about his course of study, but knows that it is going to be in either nursing or business.  Ultimately, that it depends on which college he decides to attend after high school.  Finally, Michael wanted to thank his parents, Harold and Angela Milam, for all that they have done for him and their support.

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