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Male Gamer of the Week – Braxton Dobert of Hurricane High School

Male Gamer of the Week – Braxton Dobert of Hurricane High School

Teays Physical Therapy Center, Inc. & The Putnam Herald are pleased to present this week’s Male Gamer of the Week award to Braxton Dobert, Senior, Hurricane High School.

By Casey Fallon, Potential Plus Director

Winning is hard when you have new pieces in the system. Just ask teams like the Heat and the Cavaliers after they acquired new superstar talent. That’s similar to the way Braxton described Hurricane High’s basketball season. “We started off with some new pieces in the system, and we had to learn how each other played so that we could mesh as a team” says Braxton. Now, towards the end of the year, Hurricane is running a different offense based more around driving the lane.  Dobert has seen this benefit the Redskins. “Typically, we’ve been a team that is oriented around shooting three’s, but now we’re trying to drive towards the bucket more and the games that we win are because of foul shots.”

Braxton’s talents are one of the reasons Coach Lance Southerland decided on the change. “He is one of the best defenders I have ever coached and has an uncanny ability to get to the rim.  He is very coachable, able to do anything we ask him to,” says Southerland.  Some games are more evident than others that the foul line has played a role in the game’s final decision. Just this past weekend, Hurricane was able to pull out a win against Tug Valley by a slim margin of five points.

The basketball team has been playing better towards the end of the 2017 campaign. They’re winning more, and the majority of their losses have been by single digits. Braxton, the point guard for Hurricane, uses his position, as well as his seniority, to lead his teammates. “As a team, we are constantly trying to build each other up. When one of us gets down, we pick the guy up and use a lot of positive reinforcement to help him get through his slump.” Braxton constantly used the term, positive reinforcement, which shows that he is a great leader for the team. Leaders don’t point the finger, they help build up teammates.

Relaxation is a key element for Dobert before a game. To mentally prepare for a game, Braxton likes to be by himself, in solitude, while he listens to his music and visualizes what he has to do for the game. He also tries to motivate the other players up when he is not off to himself. “As a team, when we build each other’s confidence, it helps us win games,” according to Braxton. For the most part, while he isn’t a very superstitious person, he does do one thing the same way for every game. “I put my shoes on the same way, every time.”

Braxton is a senior, and realizes that there isn’t much time left before he heads to college. Currently, he has a 3.74 GPA, and is looking to attend Marshall University in the fall to study electrical engineering. Braxton is also very involved with his church and helping the community. He attends Ascensions Catholic church, two years ago he was confirmed by the church. Braxton and the church help the community in ways, such as, helping people who need assistance prepare for the winter.

Finally, he wanted to thank his mother and father, Daphne and Baron, for their help and support. He also wanted to thank his coach, Lance Sutherland, for coaching him and helping his team prepare for each game.

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