Gamers of the Week

ake Carr, Sophmore, St. Albans High School

Male Gamer of the Week – Jake Carr of St. Albans High School

Teays Physical Therapy Center, Inc. & The Putnam Herald are pleased to present this week’s Male Gamer of the Week award to Jake Carr, Sophmore, St. Albans High School.

By Micaiah Branch, Assistant Potential Plus Director

The St. Albans Red Dragons baseball team had one main goal for this season - to finish better than the previous season, which was below five hundred.  St. Albans started off with an impressive six game win streak and are currently ranked 5th in West Virginia.  The Dragons are undefeated, but that isn’t as impressive as the effort Jake Carr put forth last weekend.  Against George Washington, Jake Carr threw the first no-hitter of his career, and it was nearly a perfect game but for a single walked batter.  When asked if he celebrated after the game, Jake said, “No, after the game I went through a batting practice since I haven’t been hitting too well this season.”  Last season the Dragons baseball team didn’t fare as well as they liked, but this year they are determined to write a different story.

“I didn’t realize I hadn’t allowed a hit until the 5th inning when my teammate told me. I just went out and continued to pitch as I did in the first five innings.”  Jake said.  Jake has several pitches in his arsenal, but the curve ball is his favorite pitch.  No-hitters are a rarity, especially for high school baseball, which makes Jake’s even more special as a sophmore.

This is the lefty’s second year playing high school baseball, and while he is proving valuable on the mound, he also plays center field.  His freshman season didn’t go as planned, but this season seems to have a different feel than the previous season.  While they are having a lot of fun winning this year, the team knows that it’s a long season and can change quickly.

According to Jake, their success stems from their coach, Rick Whitman’s leadership.  Coach Whitman has helped his team thoroughly prepare for each opponent, and has continually preached to the team to stay humble through their hot start.  Coach Whitman is also thankful to have a player like Jake on the team.  Coach Whitman had this to say about his young player, “Jake is a great kid. He is someone who puts the team first, and loves the sport of baseball.”

While he is excelling in athletics his 3.2 GPA proves he is working in the classroom as well.  He’s thankful for where the team is at and also makes it a priority to stay humble despite nearly throwing a perfect game.  Jake plans to keep putting in the extra work, before and after games, to do his part to continue the success St. Albans has had on the field. 

Even though he pitches and plays center field, Jake looks up to Derek Jeter, one of the greatest shortstops in baseball history, because he played the game right.  Jeter wasn’t flamboyant, put the team first, and didn’t have bad publicity.  These are excellent qualities that every athlete should want to display.  Finally, Jake wanted to thank his parents, Tom and Michele, for their love and support.

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