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Male Gamer of the Week award to Trentan Sizemore, Junior, Hurricane High School.

Male Gamer of the Week – Trentan Sizemore of Hurricane High School

Teays Physical Therapy Center, Inc. & The Putnam Herald are pleased to present this week’s Male Gamer of the Week award to Trentan Sizemore, Junior, Hurricane High School.

By Micaiah Branch, Assistant Potential Plus Director

When you think of spring sports, baseball, softball, track and field and tennis are often the popular ones in the area.  However, lacrosse is beginning to take root in Putnam County.  At one point Hurricane High School had a lacrosse team, but after a number of seasons, it dissolved.  Once again, there is lacrosse in Putnam County by virtue of the newly formed Putnam County Storm.  The team consists of players from various schools in Putnam County.   The Storm is in its first season, but looks to grow as the popularity of lacrosse increases in the area.

Trentan Sizemore is a junior at Hurricane High School and has been playing lacrosse throughout his high school career.  Because of his experience in the sport he is one of the leaders, a role that he does not take lightly.  Prior to the start of each game he spends the final seconds pep talking his teammates, often reminding the team goalie he is a “brick wall.”  Sizemore is also the team’s leading scorer on the season with fourteen goals.  In his last outing against Harrison County, he was able to score five times.

Without word of mouth, most people aren’t going to realize that lacrosse is a growing trend in West Virginia.  In fact, Trent wanted to thank his friend and teammate, Cole Newman, for introducing him to the sport.  Sizemore is a one sport athlete and invests his time into becoming a better player every day.  Trentan plays lacrosse almost year round.  He invests time during the summer, as well as indoors during the winter.  Over the summer months he travels with the Two Rivers lacrosse team.

Since lacrosse is fairly young to the area, Trentan and his father Chris, are very vocal about the startup program.  The junior spoke passionately about the sport, “It is intimidating looking at it from the outside.  I’m not very coordinated, but I put in a lot of work and effort to become better at it.  If I am capable of playing this sport, anybody is.  If it looks cool to you, come and try it out with us.”  His father, the assistant coach of the Storm, also vouched for Trentan’s work ethic.  “He works very, very hard.  When we first started he broke two windows at our house playing wall ball.  We were able to push through the broken windows and he is still out there each day practicing to become better,” said Coach Chris Sizemore.

Trentan is also very studious, as he currently owns an outstanding 3.6 GPA. He is a member of Young Life and a Wyldlife leader.  These Christian organizations help keep him involved in the community with various volunteer activities.  Finally, Trentan wanted to thank his parents, Chris and Rebecca Sizemore, for helping him with the sport and funding his passion for it.  He also wanted to thank his coaches for their volunteered time and effort to help form the team and teach him and his teammates how to play game.

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