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Male Gamer of the Week award to Sophomore, Hayden O’Dell of Winfield High School.

Male Gamer of the Week – Hayden O’Dell of Winfield High School

Teays Physical Therapy Center, Inc. & The Putnam Herald are pleased to present this week’s Male Gamer of the Week award to Sophomore, Hayden O’Dell of Winfield High School.

By Micaiah Branch, Assistant Potential Plus Director

Hayden is competing in his second season on Winfield’s Varsity track and field team.  Overall, this is O’Dell’s 4th season running, and has become a vital piece for the General’s track and field team. Hayden primarily competes in the races that require endurance rather than maximum speed. In double A, he owns the fourth fastest two hundred meter dash and the second fastest four hundred. The young athlete is gaining experience each competition and with time may edge out the upper classmen above him.

This season has gone smoothly for O’Dell and he’s acquired multiple top three finishes. Going into the season, Hayden didn’t expect the team to have a plethora of athletes, but knew the team would be stocked with talent. Expounding on his views, Hayden went on to say this, “In seasons past, we’ve competed in class AAA, and this year we’re in AA. I knew that this would give us more chances. When we’ve competed against teams in our class, we’ve always finished well.” 

This past weekend, Winfield competed at the Harry Green Invitational at Bridgeport High. O’Dell ran extremely well and notched a first place finish in the 400 meter dash. His performance in this race bested his previous record by almost three tenths of a second with the final time of the race being 52.02. He complemented his 1st place performance with a 3rd place finish in the eight hundred meter relay. Preparing for a race can vary according to the distance. You must understand your body’s feedback and know when to cruise or when to take it up a notch. Hayden agreed and said this, “When I’m preparing for a race, it may require a different mindset that the one before it. Typically, I’m pretty nervous prior to it. I try to concentrate on what I need to do to be successful and listen to music to relax.”

While the Generals have a small team, they are having a good season.  This is a testament not only to Hayden’s season, but the work put in by the whole team under Coach Shawn Anderson. “Coach Anderson does a great job preparing us for our meets. He knows when to put us through a hard practice and when to pull back so we can recover for our meets,” explained O’Dell. Coach Anderson is impressed by his sophomore’s hard work this season, “His work ethic is second to none. He comes to practice each day ready to go and his character is above reproach. He is a tremendous young man, and will do anything you ask of him and more.” 

Hayden had a lot to say about his parents, Craig and Wendy O’Dell, and is very thankful for them. They never miss a meet and always support him wherever he goes to compete. He is excelling in school with a 4.0 GPA and is involved with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

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