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Male Gamer of the Week award to Junior, Nathan Polk of Winfield High School

Male Gamer of the Week – Nathan Polk of Winfield High School

Teays Physical Therapy Center, Inc. & The Putnam Herald are pleased to present this week’s Male Gamer of the Week award to Junior, Nathan Polk of Winfield High School.

By Micaiah Branch, Assistant Potential Plus Director

Coming into this season, Nathan had hopes of retribution.  As a freshman excelling on the tennis court he broke his hand over spring break while doing mission work for his church. Nathan described his unfortunate accident and expounded on his expectations for the current season, “Going into break, I was undefeated and playing well. Unfortunately, during the mission trip I broke my hand and was unable to finish the season. I wanted to come back this year and show everyone what I am capable of.” Coming off of his injury, Polk set right to work preparing his game. He first went through rehab, followed by daily on court skills work.  He dedicated himself to perfecting his serve and fine tuning what he lost during his injury.

Nathan is the number two single tennis player for the Generals, and competes as the number one doubles team. Last weekend, Nathan won his region and is heading to states in the singles division as well as the doubles. Staying relaxed is Polk’s strategy to win, and typically involves pre-game visualization and listening to music. Once the match starts, the young tennis star finds himself honed in. Preparation requires different strategies depending on whether it is singles or doubles. Polk described the differences, “For doubles, you are responsible for yourself and your partner, and you have to keep the energy high between the two. Playing singles requires you keep your mind clear and focused on the next point.”

As Nathan goes into states, he is really excited and confident that he can perform well. The regional championship match was against a competitive Ravenswood athlete and he was able to come out on top. Currently, standardize testing is in session at Winfield High and poses unique challenges between balancing academics and the state tournament. However, Polk feels that he will be ready for this weekend because his coaches always thoroughly prepare him. “Our coach, Erika Klose, pushes us to play for the team and this helps generate a lot of energy between us,” Nathan said. Coach Klose said a lot about her junior tennis player, “Nathan has strong moral character. He is kind, intelligent, willing to help others, and a leader. He’s dedicated to his team and when needed, gives two hundred percent. He demonstrated all this with his exceptional performance at the regional matches.”

Nathan considers his parents, Seth and Emily Polk, as role models for him. They help him focus on his character after a match rather than emphasizing the outcome of the match. Seth and Emily also present a Christ-filled life style for him. Polk is top in his class and is a leader with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He also is involved with his church, Cross Lanes Baptist. The state meet starts this Thursday, May 11th and runs until Saturday.

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