Gamers of the Week

Brianna Washburn of Hurricane High School.

Female Gamer of the Week: Brianna Washburn of Hurricane High School

Teays Physical Therapy Center, Inc. & The Putnam Herald are pleased to present this week’s Female Gamer of the Week award to Brianna Washburn of Hurricane High School.

By Anna Davis, ATC, Administrator of Fitness Operations

Andrea Giani, member of the 1990 USA volleyball team once said, “Both professionalism and passion are equally important, and are fundamental for any volleyball player.” Brianna expresses both of these characteristics both on and off of the court. “She is a leader, and very talented, you can tell that she loves this sport,” coach Pennington said about Brianna. “She always pushes the girls to do better, she is going to be missed once she graduates.” Brianna has played volleyball for approximately six years and holds the position of the middle hitter. She plans on continuing her love for volleyball by playing at the collegiate level next fall.

When Brianna was asked what the success to their season has been she responded with, “we play together as a team, we do not play down at the other team’s level.” Then she added, “Most importantly we finish as strong as we started, that’s the key.” Brianna and her team have set multiple goals for the season, however, the greatest one would be winning states. With ten seniors on the team, it would be a time to remember. “They are all talented in their own way, that’s what makes our team so great,” Coach Pennington.

When Brianna was asked who inspires her most, without hesitation she responded my travel coach. “He is such a great leader and coach, he has taught me so much about volleyball and life itself.” Volleyball is very much a team sport, you win together, you lose together, but in the end, you are still one undivided team. “That’s what I love so much about volleyball, it’s a team sport,” said Brianna. “Winning and being good is also an added bonus.”

Outside of volleyball Brianna is a senior who carries a 3.9GPA. She is involved with several clubs, travel volleyball and her home church. Brianna has hopes of playing college volleyball but until then she is staying focused for the rest of her high school volleyball career. “This is it, it’s time to win states.”

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